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Wednesday 24/06/20

Class Text:


Read to chapter 12.

English/ Sports Week:

Research as much information as you can about a famous golfer. What age did they start playing? Why? Where were they born? Their family? Have they played in many tournaments? Which ones? Have they won any tournaments? How much did they win/ get paid? etc. Bullet point notes are fine.

LO: Can I research and gather information?


Finding all the different possibilities for rugby union scores. Read how the scoring system works, then see how you many different ways you can achieve that score.

After, do the same for a score of:

24 - 20

12- 7

14 - 6

40 - 18


Please spend a minimum of 30 mins doing something active. It is a warm day so if you're outside please stay in the shade, protect your skin and keep hydrated.

Residential Challenges:


Please ask the permission of an adult before completing these challenges:


6. Eat a slice of lemon and keep a straight face (video evidence!)


7. Gargle your favourite song for someone to guess


8. Complete a family mannequin challenge.