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Weds 13th

Good morning Year 3. I'm looking forward to seeing you at the Class Meeting at 10am on Microsoft teams. Remember to follow the instructions and rules on this page: 



Mental Health Task


Today we are thinking about something called 'Mindfulness'. This is similar to meditation and something that I try to do regularly. It helps me to put a pause to worries and calm me down. 


Please watch the video below to learn a bit more about mindfulness and have a go yourself.

What is MINDFULNESS and how do you do it?



Please find the slides and the activities for you groups below. I have included an interactive version for those who can use the powerpoint slides and a non-interactive one for those that can only access pdfs. Have fun!




Firstly, a couple of parents asked for a simplified version of the story 'The Scarab's Secret'. I have summarised the pages and if you would like to access this please click here:


Today I would like you to look at all your ideas that you created for your story yesterday. It's time to choose which ideas you are going to use as put them into a plan.


Remember the story mountain plans we have used before? These help us to thing more about the stages of the stories and how they fit together. We start off at the bottom of the mountain with the introduction and the height of the story is the problem at the top.  I've given you a template you can use if you want to. 

When you've done this, I'd like you to practise telling the story to someone at home. It could even be a teddy or the pet! Try and remember to include lots of description and detail so that you are telling the story, not just saying what will happen!

I hope you enjoyed learning about days and years yesterday and if you didn't know before, you now understand why time is measured as it is! Today we are focusing on hours in the day and days in a week.


First of all read through the slides and have a go at the questions that appear!



Now choose which questions you want to answer. The harder ones are there for a bit of a challenge. wink