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Summer 2 Week 7: 8.06.20


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English: Using your work from last week, where you were finding adjectives and then thinking of your own for Nibbles, I would like you to...

Create a wanted poster for Nibbles!

Using all of your amazing ideas you need to describe Nibbles in sentences.  Remember, the adjective should come before the noun (Nibbles, monster, creature etc are all nouns).


Think about the things I always 'remind' (nag!) you about in class capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.  Extra points if anyone can include a word with the est and er suffixes!  There is a template for you below but you don't have to use that you could just write it in your books, leaving a space for a labelled picture.

Here are some examples of the type of thing I'm looking for from you!  

Maths: Practice your counting in twos, fives and tens first of all!  Can you remember the dance we would do in class?  (Parents we counted up and put the actions of the maccerena to the numbers!)


Now, more fractions fun! Today we're going to be working out a problem.  Watch the video below to see how to do it.

How many different ways can you colour one half of the shapes?

My Movie.mp4

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Science: Today we're going to be thinking about the different types of animals!  Below there is a grid of different categories of animals and their features.  Today, I would like you to sort the animals into their correct group!  Watch the video below to help you.  We are going to play a game based on this lesson for our Teams meeting this week!

Identifying animals as birds, reptiles or mammals | BBC Teach

Science monkey superhero Dr Brain and a team of young scientists look into the different features of animals.

Animal Song