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Tues 16th


Today we are continuing with our work on angles and seeing if we can compare the size of angles. 


If an angle is smaller than a right angle, then it is called an 'Acute Angle'. I almost remember this as small things are often 'cute'! 


If an angle is larger than a right angle, then it is called an 'Obtuse Angle'. 


Now go back into your MyMaths and continue with your lesson on 'Angles 1' and complete chapters 5, 6 and 7 of the lesson.


Now see if you can label the angles below as  acute angles or obtuse angles. You can use your angle checker if you made one yesterday to help you.
English/ Theme
Having heard about Howard Carter found the tomb of Tutankhamun last week, we are now going to be exploring the contents of the tomb and the importance of what was found in there. 

We will be going inside the Antechamber first, which was the first room that Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon went in.


The Discovery of KING TUT | The Antechamber

In November 1922, after five years of searching, Howard Carter and his patron Lord Carnarvon finally discovered the last resting place of Tutankhamun. His to...

I would like you to describe the golden throne that was found in the antechamber. 


Imagine that you are describing it to someone who can't see the picture, so you need to include information about its shape, size, colour and decoration. Remember to use your expanded noun phrases to add further detail.


We are starting our new science topic of Plants today. We are going to start by thinking about the parts of a plant and a flower and their important jobs. Watch these two videos first.

Parts of a plant | Primary Biology - Plants

Parts of a Plant | Plants | KS2 Science

Now, can you label the plant and say what each part does?