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Wednesday 10/06/20

English/ Tri-Golf Project


As you have probably gathered, we will be writing an explanation text in English. What will we be writing an explanation text about? I hear you say. Try-golf.


1. Your task today is to research and gather as much information about tri-golf as you can.

2. Consider, what is it, how is it used in schools, how to set-up permanent courses, how you play it and why it is good for children.

3. Bullet point notes please.


​​​​​​​LO: Can I research and gather information?



Continuing with our maths investigations theme, we have coordinate problems today. Remember we read (x,y) along the corridor and up the stairs. 

Have fun :)


If you complete these quite quickly- have a go at making your own formulas, like yesterday's lesson.




Please complete an hour of physical exercise. This could be anything that increased your heart rate, such as: walking, cycling (accompanied with an adult), practising tennis, practising netball/ basketball/ football, jogging, or running. 

You could even create your own AMRAP like last week. If you do, send us your AMRAP and we will have a go at it at school and let you know how we got on.