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Thursday 02.04.2020

Please put any work you do in your purple exercise book or take pictures and put them on Tapestry. I can't wait to see what you get up to!



From now on I will be giving you a sound to focus on from Phase 3 every day.

I will put the sound lesson on Bug Club for you as an optional activity.

Today's sound is 'v'.

Ask an adult to write 'v' words on paper and put them around your home in places you use. Every time you use that place/object, read the word. For example: put the word 'vet' on the back door and every time you go to go in the garden read the word.

Other words you could use: vest, van, vent.



Don't forget sharing means 'putting into equal groups'.

Parents: Whenever you do a sharing activity, check the amount of items you are going to be sharing to make sure there are going to be no remainders. For example, when sharing into three groups, make sure your start amount is a multiple of three.


Please see below document for your activity.

Tip: draw one food item in the bugs sharing circle at a time and cross them out as you go.


This is going to be your last art and design activity for Shakespeare week.

Today I would like you to design a planet.

What would you have on your planet?

What colour would it be?

What creatures would it have?



Don't for get Mr Nicholls sets activities under the P.E. section on the Class Pages overview.