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Summer 1 2021 - Caribbean & Jazz Music

Piece 6 - Take The A Train - Duke Ellington and his Orchestra

Our final piece of music in our jazz genre is called 'Take the A Train' by Duke Ellington and his Orchestra

Piece 5 - Summertime - Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong

This song, Summertime, was composed by George Gershwin, who is a famous composer of jazz. This version from 1935, features Louis Armstrong who was famous for both singing and playing the trumpet. He is joined by Ella Fitzgerald. What other instruments can you hear in the background? How does this music make you feel?

Piece 4 - Take Five - Dave Brubeck Jazz Quartet

This is a jazz quartet from 1960 playing the piece 'Take Five'. Jazz music started in the early 20th Century in America. It often features instruments taking turns to play solos and often they are improvised, so the musician makes up some of the music and it is different each time they play it! Which 4 instruments can you hear playing? Do they all play a solo?

Piece 3 - "Trouble in the Morning" - Hatters Steel Orchestra

This is a live performance from the Hatters Steel Orchestra in Trinidad and Tobago. They have regular carnivals and competitions when 100's of players play together to create this amazing sound. I wonder if you can imagine being there and hearing this live? How do you think it would make you feel?

Piece 2 - Bob Marley- Three Little Birds

Bob Marley is famous for writing and singing Reggae. Reggae started in the 1960's in Jamaica, in the Caribbean and . Listen carefully to the rhythm. It has 4 beats and the strong ones are on beats 2 and 4. See if you can count them and hear them.

Piece 1 - Yellow Bird

This is a famous Caribbean Song, played on the steel drums, or 'pans' as they are called. What can you find out about steel pans? When and how were they invented?