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Parent Focus Group

Tanworth-In-Arden Church of England Parent Focus Group


What is the Parent Focus Group?

This new group will meet every few months and is an additional body that represents the parent voice within the school. The meetings are chaired by Mrs Bamford with parent members representing each year group. The main purpose of the group is to provide constructive feedback to the school while acting as a ‘sounding board’ for future decisions on school policy. Although the group does not decide school policy, it will be consulted and listened to so the school has a range of views and feedback before making any policy decisions.


What sort of things will be discussed at the meeting?

There will be an open agenda – so if it needs discussing it will be discussed. Discussion items to be discussed over the first couple of meetings may include healthy eating policy, home learning, PSHE (SRE Policy), communication, new reading scheme, school funding



Outlines and objectives of the group

1: The mission of the Parent Focus Group is:

To act as a focused sounding board for future ideas and to give constructive feedback.


2: The objectives are:

To work in positive partnership with the school

To increase parental involvement and be another ‘voice’ of parents

To improve the learning experience of our children in school

To help communicate issues to parents


3: Minutes

Minutes of the meeting will be put on the website for all parents to access. The main agenda items for the next meeting will be decided at the end of each meeting to enable time for preparation and information gathering. There will always be an AOB section to the meeting.


Please note: Parents can pass suggestions to members of the group, but the school would always encourage parents to speak to school directly if they have a particular issue. Issues concerning individual children and/or staff members will not be discussed.