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Thursday 14th May

Don't forget the Elmer mission set on yesterday's page! 


Thank you to the 5 I have received already, they are brilliant and all very unique!





NEXT CLASS MEETING - Friday 15th May 2020

Our next class meeting will be on Friday but it will be in smaller groups.  Please check your time below. You will all get a reminder which is also a link to the meeting to your own individual school email.


For this meeting you will need a piece of paper and a pen/pencil because we are going to play a game! You know I love my class games!




Today I would like you to play a game called Twilight Take Away. This is a game that you will need to use your 'finding the difference' - counting up method of take away.

You will also see a different way of representing a calculation called a bar model. We have used these before in class so when you play the game look carefully at the bar model as a reminder. 

You can choose which level of game to play. Try to start on the numbers to 100 level but if this is a bit tricky you can choose to play with numbers to 50 or 20.  Follow to link below to play.


Today I would like you to complete your final piece of our wolf work.

It will be your English task for today and tomorrow so take it steady! 

I would like you to create a factsheet/poster all about wolves. The headings that you sorted under yesterday should help you to organise your work on your factsheet/poster.  There is a template below for you to use if you would like to use one or you can create your own design and layout. Remember you can add pictures too!



Now, the facts we have read have been written by somebody else, how will you give me the information but in your own words? Which facts do you think are the most important ones to share with people who would like to find out about wolves?


Don't forget to look back at your wolf reading comprehension, wolf facts, the sorting activity and videos to help you.

Good luck, I'd really like to see them when you have finished! smiley smiley


Mental Health Awareness Week Activity 4

Today we are going to think about being 'thankful' and 'grateful'.

What do these words mean to you?  Today you might want to save your task for just before bed or first thing tomorrow morning. However you can complete it anytime and it might be something you'd like to do everyday.  Below are some grateful cards, can you think of three things you are grateful for? Record your ideas and keep them in a jar or somewhere safe. Then when you are feeling sad you can look back at all the things, people and days that you are grateful to have!




Do you want to take part in a collective sing?  Have you heard about Mr Fidler's recent singing task?  Follow the link below to take you to the correct page of the website to find out more!