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Mon 15th


We are leaving our work on time behind and moving into a new topic this week. Our new topic is... 'Properties of Shape'. We are going to start by looking at angles, what they are and how they are used.

Having said we are leaving time behind, we are going to use a clock to help us think about our turns and angles today. When you look at the clock below you can see that a quarter of an hour is the same as a quarter turn on the clock. We call a quarter turn of a full circle a RIGHT ANGLE. 


Now login to your MyMaths and go to Angles 1 which has been set for you. Complete Chapters 1-4 of the lesson, which are all about right angles. You don't need to do the homework questions today.




I wonder where you can find right angles in your house? Can you list or take pictures of where they are?


You might find making an angle checker/ gobbler helpful if you are able to print one out or make one using a piece of paper.

To start the week, I am going to give you your spellings and your spelling tasks. It is your choice which tasks you complete and whether you choose to complete more throughout the week, but the resources are here for you. Please choose tasks that you enjoy and help you remember your spellings!
First of all, please watch the video below, which is this week's PSHE story.

Nanny Fox.mp4

Still image for this video

We don't find out in the story what happens between Arnold and his family? What do you think happens after the story? Should Arnold change to make his family happy or should he continue being himself? 


Write down what you would like to see happen at the end of the story.