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Summer 2 Week 2 08.06.20

Monday 8th June 2020


Hello everybody, I hope you've had a nice weekend. A big thank you to all of you who continue to work hard and do your best everyday. It was strange last week having some children back but not Year 2 but I know you are still all working hard. I know lots of you have said you are really enjoying the new topic of India, that's great news!  Please remember to keep checking the Amazing Work Gallery to see your and your classmates' work!




As we haven't seen each other for a while I thought that we would have a quick catch up, have a story and a quick game of switch - do you still remember how to play? smiley


Today we are going to think about symmetry. Do you remember we found out a little bit about this last week with your art task when you drew the Taj Mahal.


In school when we learn about the line of symmetry and symmetrical shapes/patterns we use a mirror to help us. If you have a little handheld mirror at home you might find it useful for some sessions this week.  Lets find out more about symmetry! Click on the link below to watch a short video.

Today we are going to think about vertical lines of symmetry. Shapes and pictures can have both vertical and horizontal lines so it is important that we can tell the difference.

Top to bottom = VERTICAL

Left to right = HORIZONTAL


Can you find the vertical lines of symmetry in these well known logos?


Today we are going to look at some punctuation.

Within the story of The Tiger Child there is lots of character speech. One phrase gets repeated a lot from the tiger cub.


"I have come for the thing my uncle wants," said the Tiger Child.

"But I can't remember what it is."


When we write character's speech we need to use some new punctuation and follow some new rules.

The new punctuation is called inverted commas. You might also hear them called speech marks because they mark speech but their proper name is inverted commas.  Sometimes you might even hear them being a called 66 and 99 because of the shape of the punctuation.


Today I am going to give you some sentences to copy out using the correct punctuation for the characters speech. You learn all about inverted commas in Year 3 so we are getting a head start for next year!


There are also some rules - this is what makes it tricky!

  • You must have speech marks at the start and the end of the words being spoken.
  • The speech must start with a capital letter.
  • The speech must end with a piece of punctuation inside the inverted commas.


Don't be worried if you find this tricky today,

just try your best. 





As we have a teams meeting today there is no theme work set. If you would like something to do, login to Purple Mash, phonic bug or MyMaths where I have opened up some work on symmetry for you to explore. Hope to see as many of you as possible in our meeting.