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English: Today we're going to move away from the unit of work I had outlined for our home learning, as I know a number of parents are becoming concerned with a potential lack of progress through the reading book bands that we have in school.  I want to take this opportunity to assure you that when we're back in school (whenever that may be), that I will do my absolute best, as would any other teacher in the school, to ensure that the children get the support and resources they need to 'catch up'.  But until then I would like to direct you towards some free resources and to remind you that progressing through the book bands is not the most important thing when reading.  I am a firm advocate of only moving children up a book band when they are absolutely ready for it, this means that they are not only reading the text fluently, but they can also retell the story/discuss the text if it's a non-fiction text and answer both retrieval and inference questions competently and independently.  Sitting and reading with your child is (or should be) an enjoyable experience and one where you can snuggle on the sofa or bed and talk about what you're reading, picture books and the shorter chapter books are perfect for this.  I have attached some questions and discussion points in the document below that are perfect for ensuring that your child's comprehension skills are continuing to be worked on whilst they are at home.  I have also attached a list of books (some of which you may have at home!) that are great literature for children in Year 1.  These books are also often a bit more interesting that the banded books!


So today for the children's English work I'd like them to choose a book and read with you.  Get them to read what they can, if they don't know the word don't stress just read it to them.  When you've finished the book ask them to retell the story, can they do it without prompting from you or by looking at the book?  What is their favourite part of the book?  Why?  Who is their favourite character?  Why?  Did they like the book?  Why?  

Please check out the Oxford Owl website, it is a free eBook library.  All you need to do is register.


This is a link to a website that has book lists for children in KS1.

Maths:  Watch the video entitled, Week 2, Lesson 5, Making arrays

Can you find any arrays around your house?  You will be suprised by where you can find an array!  A baking tray, chocolate bar, window panes.  Can you take a picture and write the multiplication down next to it on a post it note or piece of paper?


Parents if possible try to stick to an array that the children can count up in twos, fives and tens.

History: Friday is the 75th anniversary of VE Day!  Watch the video below to find out more.

VE Day 75th Anniversary Video Lesson Key Stage 1

This is a video lesson to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day for children in Key Stage 1.

I have created a special page of VE Day challenges for the whole school.  The challenge is optional but if you would like to become a History Detective and find out how your your family were affected by WW2 then take a look at the page to find out more!
Can you create your own design for a commemorative teacup?  I may just get them printed for you!
Just something a little extra to help you celebrate!  Decorate the bunting and hang!