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Spring Term

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Please see the read and feed PowerPoint below if you were unable to make the parent session.

Volcano experiments!


To finalise our Ground Shakers theme topic, we made bottle volcanoes using water, washing up liquid, vinegar and baking soda. These ingredients mixed together create an explosion. We added some red food colouring for volcanic effect and watched them explode as we shook them! This also linked well to our science topic of reactions - this one being irreversible. 

Pop-art Shakespeare!

We kicked off Shakespeare week by hunting for facts about Shakespeare around the school. Once we had created our fact file we used them to inspire a piece of pop-art using bright colours and our favourite facts from the scavenger hunt and created these fab pieces!

World Book Day

The children came in their best fancy dress costumes for World Book day and really impressed me with their creativity and fantastic efforts! We had every character turn up from Ganster Granny and her grandson to Dustbin Baby!

The final designs

The children finalised their light designs today and wired them up. I am so impressed with their creativity. They were given free reign on the materials, resources and electric circuits and managed these creations independently!

Circuit Makers!

Today year 5 looked at making simple circuits using wires, switches, bulbs and batteries. The children tested turning the lights on and off, thinking about how the switch enables this to happen. We are using this skill when making natural disaster warning lights next week.

Mini Scientists

Year 5 have been conducting experiments and investigations in science today looking at the forces water resistance and friction. We tested different materials to see which one would create the most friction to slow down a toy car, and different shapes to see which one would slow down the blu tac in water. 

Silent debates

The children took part in silent debates to introduce them to their new English topic of persuasive writing. They learnt how to argue their point using evidence and justifications to make others agree with their point of view. They did this silently by writing onto whiteboards and exchanging them with other members of the class to add their own comments.

Fractions Fun!

To introduce the visual concept of fractions, we did some carousel activities to see fractions in different forms. The children folded paper, cut paper, poured water, looked at numicon and multi-links and even jaffa cakes to experiment with fractions! 

Potato Contours

Today in our geography lesson, we learnt about how height is shown on maps using contour lines. To demonstrate this, we used potatoes to create a contour map from. This showed us how the lines work using measurements for height and relief with different potato shapes.


Our science experiment today meant we had to design parachutes to test air resistance. We used our results to conclude that bigger parachutes created more air resistance for a slower fall time. This meant the bigger parachute was safer. The children demonstrated great fair testing knowledge using key terms such as variables and control.

Mountain Research


The children have created some lovely research posters all about mountains. They worked in their new table teams to create some very informative posters detailing information such as how mountains are formed, famous mountains, expeditions and climate. 

Sparkly Start!


We kicked off our Ground Shakers topic with a sparkly start today! The children discovered that their new topic is all about mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes. So, to start us off the children worked together to climb the equivalent of Snowdon. They took it in turns to tackle 4,610 steps together up and down the stairs while the other children waiting in class completed some beautiful Jen Aranyi inspired mountain artwork. 

Year 5's Dreams and Goals


We started 2022 looking at our new PSHE topic 'Dreams and Goals'. The children have thought today about their personal goals, both long and short term, and how they are going to get there. They wrote some notes in their Jigsaw Journal, then wrote their big goal on a cloud for this collective display. A motivating start to the year! smiley