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Friday 29th

Friday 29th January




1. Get ready for the day- 8.55-9.15- Check Teams for your work for today/ any finishing off/ AR quiz/ spelling activity/ Homework pages? (Like Busy time).


2. Maths - LO: Can I use my arithmetic skills?


3. Break- 10.20


4. Teams call - English - 10.40am on Teams.


5. Independent English task LO: Can I write in the voice of a character? 

Remember not to complete this until after the live lesson. To be turned in by 2.30pm thank you.


***Accelerated reader quizzes can now be completed from home- find link on our class page.

**Spellings can now be found on our class page on the website and in the English files on Teams.


6. Lunch - 12.15


7. Art - LO: As an artist, can I appreciate artwork and experiment with effects?


8. Afternoon - Independent Reading/ PE task/ spelling activity/ Homework activities (see class page for links to AR and PE tasks)


9. Teams call - Feedback - 3.00pm


Happy Friyay! Remember to take brain breaks, read your book, stretch and snack but most importantly, whatever you do, have fun!


Have a great day cheeky