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Good morning everyone!

3 more school days to go smiley



9:30 - Morning Phonics Live Lesson

1:45 / 2:00 - Afternoon Feedback Session


Phase 5 - 'm' written as 'mb'

Activity 1: Alphabet Song

Activity 2: Writing Words 

Activity 3: Using the words written in Activity 2 to make a word path. Revisit throughout the day to practise reading 'mb'.


In today's lesson we are going to be having a look at making sentences.

A really important thing to remember when you've written a sentence is to read it again after to make sure it makes sense.

This is something that even adults do.

I will be reading through these sentences before I put them on the website to make sure they make sense.

You're first activity is a game where you read two sentences and click the one that makes sense.

Your next activity is to unscramble the following sentences.

I will link a document that can be printed or copied into your books and also an interactive document that can be typed into, as I know some of you like typing on your computer.


Today we are going to start counting in 2s.

When we count in 2s, we are saying all of the even numbers.

Look at the number line below. All of the odd number are red and the even numbers are blue.

Say the numbers on the number line, whispering the red numbers and saying the blue numbers loudly.

Then read the number line again by just saying the blue numbers.

Go and get 10 pairs of socks.

Lay them out on the floor and practise counting in twos.

You can use a number line to help you.


If you can count in twos to 20, how high can you count in twos without making a mistake?


Get your body moving to this warm up then head over to our P.E. page for a P.E. lesson.

Zumba Kids - I like to move it

If you would like an additional activity to do today, there is a new Space art project on the art page.