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Thurs 23rd



How did you get on with comparing fractions yesterday? Have a look and see what the answers were by clicking below.


Today we are going to be ordering fractions, so watch lesson 4 and then have a go at the questions as usual.



We are going back to this week's spellings. Look and see what you need to do in each group:


Group 1 - You are looking at the prefixes 're' and 'bi'. 


Read the explanation below then have a go at the activity to crack the code.

Group 2 - You are looking at the /o/ sound spelt with 'a' after 'w' and 'qu'.


Please read the explanation and examples and then have a go at cracking the code.

Group 3 - You are looking at the sounds /igh/ and /oa/ with the spellings i_e and o_e (split digraphs)


Read the explanation, then have a go at the activity.

English/ Theme

I hope you got on fine with your research about the Rosetta Stone and now realise that without it we might still not know what all those hieroglyphics mean! 


Today I would like you to use that information to create a fact file or information sheet about the Rosetta Stone. It should be in formal language and the 3rd person.


Think about:

- How you layout your page

- What might be your headings or subtitles

- Which facts are important to include

- If you will include any diagrams or labels


Here is an example of a fact file/ information sheet that might give you some further help and some templates if you'd prefer to use one instead of working out your own layout. 


It will be great to see your factfile/ information sheet on the blog. 


There are 2 parts to your PSHE this week that Mrs Cutler has asked me to give you.


Firstly, you'll find below instructions of how to make a worry box at home if you would like to.

The second part is a lesson which has been produced by Bitesize, which is all about 'Teamwork'.


Please follow the link below to access the lesson and the resources.

This is the activity from the end of the session.