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Fri 27th


LO - Can I write a character description?


Well done for finishing your stories yesterday. Today, you are going to be writing a character description. You will be describing the character in the image below. The picture provides everything you need to describe its physical characteristics but you will need to use your imagination to describe its personality or the special powers it may have.


Again, please make sure you use correct punctuation, attention to detail and also an interesting selection of vocabulary. You may choose to write two paragraphs (one for personality and one for looks) or you may choose to mix the two descriptive paragraphs together.


LO - Can I write in future tense?


You are going to write 5 sentences about the character you described in the English lesson. The sentences you are going to write are to be based upon what the character is going to do tomorrow. For example, if you gave the character the name Plincat, one of your sentences could be...


Plincat is planning to go hunting in the morning.


LO - Can I tell the time?


For today, I have set a couple of activities relating to time. You will be looking at time in more detail later in the year but I think it would be really useful for you to have a look at it because time doesn’t appear in the year 5 curriculum and I always found that there we’re always children in year 5 who found the concept of time really tricky. 


LO - Can I create an A-Z of living things?


If the weather is fine, go into your garden and try to create an A - Z of living things you can find or see.  When you have completed as much as you can, you can fill the rest in with things that are not living. Perhaps you could use a different colour pen or pencil for living/non-living things. Some letters will be harder than others, don’t worry if you can’t find answers for Z etc, well done if you can!

Children’s work


These pieces of work have been emailed to me to share with you all. I hope you find time to read them.

The house that got away - Oscar

Cassie’s wordsearch

Leanna’s story