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Have you checked out the School Games virtual challenge?  You could help our school win sports equipment!

English: Oh no! That naughty Nibbles has escaped again!  The Three Billy Goats Gruff called last night asking for help as Nibbles is causing yet more trouble in their story now.  What do you think he's getting up to?  Draw a diagram of what you think Nibbles might be doing, label it and think about how this would change the story.


Have you been doing your daily phonics?  I've had a few emails from parents saying that the phonics sessions I directed you to were a bit boring! Sorry, not everyone can be as amazing me!  If you don't like those sessions, check out Mr Thorne does Phonics.  He's an amazing Phonics teacher and even has a little help sometimes from his friend Geraldine the giraffe!


Geraldine the Giraffe learns /ie/ in pie

Watch UK school teacher Mr Thorne and Youtube sensation Geraldine the Giraffe take you on a learning journey through the world of phonics, grammar, spelling ...

Maths: Continuing on with division by grouping using the sheets downloaded below or you could draw them yourselves if you don't have access to a printer.  Group the items into the required number and find how many groups you will have.

History: We're looking back at Mary Anning again.  Today, we're just going to see what you can remember!  Play the quiz on the link below;

Can you create a quiz for me to do?  Your questions could ask me for information or they could be true or false questions.  Let's see who knows more about this significant individual from the past!