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Wonderful Work!

Superb Stories!

This week, taking inspiration from their learning over the last 4 weeks, the children have been writing stories set in the rainforest.  You will see they have worked really hard and written some lovely stories! 

Look out for examples of descriptive language (including expanded noun phrases, alliteration, similes, powerful verbs etc.), speech which is correctly set out and punctuated with interesting speech verbs, and fronted adverbials to help with creating the setting and move the story on.

Pentecost Posters

Having learnt about the Christian festival of Pentecost in RE, the children produced posters showing some of the symbols of Pentecost and the Holy Spirit.  These will also be shared by Revd Cudby in the local church's online Pentecost service.


Here is an example of Oliver talking about his dog in Spanish for his pets activity.  As well as talking about what sort of pet he has, he also say "Se llama....." meaning "He is called....".

Oliver spanish video.MOV

Still image for this video