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SATs Meeting for parents – Thursday 2nd March

Thank you to those parents who attended the SATs information meeting. I hope that you found it useful and informative.

For those parents who couldn’t make it, a copy of the presentation can be found below. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Miss Cutler J

Keep Calm and Carry on!

We have been researching the Home Front as part of our theme work on WW2 and the sacrifices and changes that civilians made to support the war effort. We will be using the information to write non-chronological reports. Stay tuned – amazing work incoming!

Heart Dissection

In science lessons, we’ve been learning about the parts of the heart, our blood and the circulatory system. To enrich our learning, we carried out a heart dissection on pig hearts. We were surprised by the size and weight of the heart as well as the strength of the heart strings! We were able to identify the right and left atrium, right and left ventricle and valves.

Key events in WW2

As part of our theme, we have been thinking about the sequence of key events in WW2 before we look more closely at events such as the Battle of Britain and The Blitz. The children worked together to research and identify key moments within the war and then present these clearly and logically. They are thrilled with the results!

Remarkable ratio!

In maths, we’ve been learning about ratio and proportion – a mathematical concept that was new to many of the children. To help develop our conceptual understanding, we used cubes to create a visual representation of different ratios.

Performance poetry

In English, we studied the poem ‘World War Two’ by Angela Yardy, which is an alphabet poem that uses rhyming couplets. We looked at the structure and vocabulary used before performing sections of the poem in groups to really unpick and understand the meaning. We then wrote some of our own poems, inspired by this.

Battle of Britain – Sparkly Start

To introduce our topic, we were shown a variety of artefacts – from suitcases, to gas masks, to old newspapers, to uniform, to telephones – there was a wide variety! We looked at each object and thought about who may have used it and what for. From this, we were able to deduce our topic was based on WW2 and is called ‘Battle of Britain!’