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Please put any work you do in your purple exercise book or take pictures and put them on Tapestry. I can't wait to see what you get up to!


Today is going to be really relaxed and simple...



Read your sound mats and tricky words.

Today I'm going to be addressing something that deemed quite popular amongst phone calls last week. If this doesn't affect your child then play a game with sounds/tricky words that we have done before, like bingo, musical statues etc...

We're going to be looking at the b and d reversals.

Watch this clip on a good way to help children remember which way round they go.

It's targeted more for parents/teachers but is completed appropriate for children to watch too.

Resolving b and d Confusion Efficiently

Complete this activity...


Today is really simple.

Using the number cards I put in your pack, order your numbers from 0-20.

We're doing this today because tomorrow, if your child is secure ordering numbers, we will be able to take them onto the next stage.

If your child isn't secure with it, this week will give them an extra week to practise.



Don't forget Mr Nicholls sets activities under the P.E. section on the Class Pages overview.