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Thursday 14th May 2020



Can I understand the effect of fronted adverbials?


Draw a picture based on the following description.  Try to use the fronted adverbials to guide you as to what should go where!


In front of the house, there stood a tall tree, its leafy branches hanging down so they were in line with the upstairs windows.  From the branches, a variety of colourful birds called to each other, as though they were in deep discussion about something.  Around the base of the trunk, daisies grew, their smiling faces bobbing in the sunlight.  A small, furry, brown cat was curled up under the tree, basking in the warmth from the dappled sun which crept through the branches.  He didn’t seem to notice the birds!  On the other side of the garden, two children laughed as they kicked their ball around under the cloudless sky.


Can I plan a setting description?


Today I’d like you to begin to gather your ideas for a rainforest setting description.  Use the video, your artwork, the extract from yesterday and the Great Kapok Tree video images to inspire you and give you your ideas (it is ok to borrow words or phrases that you like as long as you use them in your own way!).  Imagine you or your character is either stood still in the rainforest or travelling in a boat through it and you are describing what is around them. 

Make a list of words (adjectives, adverbs, powerful verbs) or phrases (expanded noun phrases, fronted adverbials) that you will use for each category; try to cover the 5 senses and movement across the categories.  It is fine to use the same sense in more than one category:







Can I convert between the 12-hour to 24-hour clock?


In order to avoid confusion with am and pm and whether we are talking about the same time in the morning or afternoon, many people use the 24-hour clock.  This always comes in digital form and means each hour of the day is recorded differently, from 00:00 which is midnight through to 23:59 at the end of that day.  Would there be a 24:00?  What do you think?


Have a look at the PPT which explains the 24-hour clock and how we convert between 12 and 24 hour times. 


Then I’d like you to play the following game where you have to identify the correct 24-hour time to match that shown on the clock.  Make sure you select 24-hour clock on the menu.  You can play it timed or untimed.  (scroll down and click on the game with the bear)


I have then included some fluency, reasoning and problem solving activities for you to have a go at.


If you want something extra, I have included the How Many Times puzzle.

Mental Health Week

Another activity which is really good for our mental health is exercise and the great thing about exercise is there are so many different options!  Although not possible at the moment, I find I always feel better after a swim and it helps to make my thoughts clearer - sometimes I have my best ideas for solutions to problems when I'm in the swimming pool!  Or just getting out for a walk in the fresh air gives a change of scene and helps me feel better.  The other activity I've enjoyed which really helps my mental health is yoga or pilates because it is very calming.

So, for today's mental health activity, I'd like you to do at least 30 minutes exercise!  You can choose what you do!  Maybe you will do something that you know you love and makes you feel good or maybe you want to try something new.  I have provided a few links below if you want to try something different.