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Wednesday 13th May

NEXT CLASS MEETING - Friday 15th May 2020

Our next class meeting will be on Friday but it will be in smaller groups.  Please check your time below. You will all get a reminder which is also a link to the meeting to your own individual school email.


For this meeting you will need a piece of paper and a pen/pencil because we are going to play a game! You know I love my class games!




How did you get on sorting the calculations yesterday? Could you see that there are some calculations that are easier to complete by counting on to find the difference and some that are easier to partition and subtract. We are going to move our learning on today and apply our knowledge to a mini problem. 


Think about each of the calculations you need to do to compare the cost of the children's ice creams.

Which method will you use to work out this calculation?

Let's look at the first one a) together. 

Ben's ice cream costs 30p and Anna's ice cream costs 34p.  Knowing that in a subtraction the largest number comes first my calculation would be


 34 - 30 = 

The numbers are close together so I am going to count on. In this calculation they are so close together that I am going to count on in my head. I get the answer 4. If I wanted to check or I couldn't work it out in my head I can use my number line.



Can you find the other answers?


If you fancy a challenge there is a harder version of this problem below.



You must now nearly all be wolf experts because you have been reading and looking at lots of facts about these magnificent animals. We are working towards being about to write a fact sheet about these animals so we need to start thinking about categories that we can group our information into.


Today I have some more facts for you. You will need to read them and decide what the information is telling you. What heading would you expect to find that information under?

If you can print the facts out I would like you to cut them out and sort them into the following headings/categories;

Habitat and How they live



Other Amazing Facts


If you don't have a printer read the facts and decide what they are telling you. Copy out the headings and copy one fact for each heading.


Mental Health Week Activity 3


Today for your activity I would like you to listen the classic story of Elmer. This is a great story to help young people realise that it is O.k to be different, to like different things or to look different. Can you image how boring it would be if we all looked the same, liked the same things or lived in the same type of house. 

In fact being different is being unique.  Elmer realised that his true friends loved him for just the way he was and he didn't need to fit in with everybody else. People who don't like you for who you are, don't matter and the people who are important to you, like you just the way you are. 


Have a read of this quote, it was on our class page yesterday. It reminds me of this story.




Right I am setting you a special secret mission! To celebrate Mental Health Week we are going to put together a little class video which I would like to put on the school website and the school facebook page. Below are lots of Elmer templates and I would like you to design an Elmer. You can use one of the templates or make your own template, model or picture. If you are using a template please cut it out! It can be any size but it has to be bright and colourful, just like Elmer.


We are going to spread the message that is O.k. to be you and being different is being unique! We all need to celebrate each others' differences.


When you have finished your design I would like you to send me a picture of you holding or standing next to your Elmer. (If you don't want to be in the picture that is fine but please put your name somewhere on your work so it can be seen). Can I have them by Friday please?


I'm looking forward to seeing all your wonderfully unique Elmers.

Elmer the Elephant