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Please see the new video I've created on the main Working from Home page about the tripod grip.

VE Day


Please click the following link to look at our VE Day subpage.

Choose some activities you would like to do to celebrate VE Day which is next Friday.

You can complete these activities today, over the weekend or next week.

There are some more VE Day activities below.

The PowerPoint is quite informative so you might want to abbreviate it.


No phonics today as I would like you to focus on VE Day activities but please could you complete your Five Finger Retell page by filling in the 'End' box for Little Red Riding Hood.



No maths today to focus on VE Day activities.



Please look at the R.E. subpage where you can listen to this week's podcast.



Remember to check Mr Nicholls P.E. subpage for activities.