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Good morning Year 1!



9:30 - Morning Phonics Live Lesson

1:45 / 2:00 - Afternoon Feedback Session


You will need a piece of paper/notebook/whiteboard and something to write with.

Phase 5: 'j' written as 'g(y)'

Activity 1: Flashcard Speed Trial

Activity 2: Dragons Den

Activity 3: Sound Crown - please see picture below and create a sound crown. Use the words below write them on a crown shaped piece of paper (you can draw pictures to go with them if you want) and make sure you are saying them as you write them down.  Wear your crown and ask the people in your home to test you throughout the day to see if you can read the words.













You are a polar region explorer again and you have set off on your journey.

But OH NO CHILDREN! You have dropped your tent! You can't go back for it now... you will have to build an igloo!

Watch the video below on how to build an igloo.

Write yourself some instructions with at least four steps to follow.

Remember to number each step so you know which order to do it in.

For Kids: How to Build an Igloo

As an extra optional activity, why not make an igloo at home? Have a look at some ideas below.


Today we're going to be having a look at some new symbols.

These are the more than and less than symbols.

There are some posters below if you would like to see them bigger - you can pretend they are crocodile mouths.


<       >


These symbols go in between two numbers to show which one is less and which one is more.


The SMALL and POINTY end points to the SMALLER number


The BIG and OPEN end points to the BIGGER number.


For example number 28 and 36 would look like this:


28 < 36


The pointy end is pointing to 28 because that is less than 36 and the open end is pointing to 36 because it is bigger.


The equals symbol...




is used when the two numbers are the same.


For example:


40 = 40


Complete the worksheet below or write them in your book.


We are starting a new Jigsaw topic today called Healthy Me.


You are going to play a game called What is Healthy?

Imagine an invisible line down the middle of the room you are working in.

One side is going to be the healthy side and the other side is going be unhealthy.

Listen to an adult saying the items below and move to the correct side of the room.


- eating lots of chocolate

- wearing sun cream

- eating fruit

- sitting down all day

- playing outside

- eating 5 packets of crisps a day

- eating vegetables

- drinking fizzy drinks

- drinking water

- staying up really late every night 

- washing your hands after going to the toilet

- getting a good amount of sleep every night


For some of the items above explain why you think it's healthy or unhealthy.