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Summer 2 W/C 22nd June Sports Week

  Welcome to Sports Week!




Because we can't have Sports Day and all the other sporting activities we get up to in the Summer Term, due to the current situation, we are joining a virtual sports week. This will give us all the chance to represent our school house in challenges and contribute to the house cup. These will be done in a series of daily challenges that are set on the PE page. You can submit your scores through a form that Mr Nicholls has set up through Microsoft forms.  This has been emailed to you already.  The link below will take you to the Daily challenges!

Each class also has its own sport to study and explore and Year 3's is Cricket!



Work is set a little differently this week as there are a variety of activities for you to do, linked to cricket, in addition to the challenges from Mr Nicholls.  I have put lots of different activities up to do with cricket ranging across the curriculum and would like you to choose some of them to do over the week.  It's up to you which order you do them in and which you choose do but try to do 1 or 2 every day and try to choose a range of activities. I'd love you to share them on the blog or by email so I and others can see them and  so that Mr Nicholls can make a display in school too, so the more work and pictures, the better!

Challenges from Mr Nicholls and sending in:

Class Photos

The PTA have sent a letter out to all parents about creating a virtual class photo as obviously this year we won't be able to have the traditional class photo.  I have attached a copy of the letter in case you haven't seen it.