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Summer Wk 11 W/C: 06.07.20

Hello my lovely lot!


You made it! Welcome to the last week of home learning! Your activities for the week are below. As we've arrived at the end of the year, the activities this week are fun summer-themed activities and transition activities to get you thinking about and prepared for coming back in September as Year 6! Please don't feel you've got to do everything unless you'd like to. You are welcome to just dip in and out and do what takes your fancy.


It's been a very strange year - certainly the strangest that I've ever taught and it's not what I would have chosen for my time with you. I have missed you all very much this term but you have amazed me each week with your resilience, enthusiasm and hard work so thank you so much for persevering with home learning and giving it your all. You are a very special group of children and should be so so proud of yourselves for all that you've achieved. Thank you to your parents too who have supported you and worked so hard. It's been my absolute pleasure to be your teacher Year 5. 


For those of you that are coming into school for a transition day next week - I will see you then and I can't wait! Please bring in any pieces of your volcano and mountain work that you are proud of and would like to contribute to display as well as any pieces of work for sports week for Mr Nicholls' display. I will meet you in the morning!

For those of you that aren't coming in, I will see you in September and I also can't wait! Remember, I'll only be next door and I'll be checking in to see how you all are all the time! 


Our Teams meeting will be on Wednesday 8th July at 10.45am. Bring some paper and a pen for a quiz on volcanoes and more bad jokes smiley Remember, I'm available on the blog if you need me!


See you soon!

Love, Miss Cutler x