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Friday 1st


Today as it's Friday we will be practising a wide range of Maths, using our homework books. It doesn't matter which book you have, this week it should be Section 2, Test 8.




You have a challenge for your spelling words today. I would like you use every word from your spelling list for the week in a paragraph of writing, which can be about anything you like. You must use the word correctly and you can include more than one word in each sentence. Have fun!


As you know, today you are writing a book review for The Scarab's Secret.


Remember to look at your plan from yesterday and to include the key pieces of information. If you need to look back at the whole book again to remind you, just click below.

I have had a go at writing my own book review for The Scarab's Secret as WAGOLL (What a good one looks like), which I've attached below. Please don't copy it, but you could use it to help you if you need more support. ;-) 


This is our last lesson in our topic on Animals and Humans. Last week, we were looking at the muscles we use in our bodies when we move. This week we'll be thinking a bit more about how muscles work.

This video below reminds us of the key things we learnt about bones and also explains a bit more about how our muscles work together.
This document below explains a bit more about the muscles and how they work together. Read it, then have a go at moving your arm and feeling your bicep and tricep.
If we were in school, we would have made a model below. You might have the items at home to make it, or you might be able to substitute some, like a drawing pin instead of a split pin. Anyway, if you want to have a go, then ask your parents nicely and see if you can create your own working arm muscles model.
You can also do a bit of research and see if you can name the muscles on the diagram below.