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Summer 2 2021 - Disney and Inspirational Songs

Piece 6 - Beauty and the Beast

Our last piece of music in this theme and for the year is Beauty and the Beast. Can you spot the occasions when the singers both sing the same rhythm but different notes at the same time? This is called harmony.

Piece 5 - Hero - Mariah Carey

Hero by Mariah Carey is about having the strength inside to carry even when times are hard. I wonder which instruments you can hear accompanying her?

Piece 4 - Bare Necessities

Our fourth piece is a Disney classic, 'The Bare Necesities' from The Jungle Book.

Piece 3 - Proud - Heather Small

This an inspirational song called 'Proud' by Heather Small.

Piece 2 - Disney's Toy Story-You've Got a Friend in Me

Piece 1 -Circle Of Life

Our first Disney/ Inspirational song is from the Lion King and speaks about the Circle of Life.