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English-Theme Activities

Monday English

Can I explore my spelling pattern?


This week’s spellings add the suffix –ous again but fit into two groups.  Some of their roots words end in a –y which then changes to an “i” before the –ous suffix is added.  The others have a root word ending in –our which changes to “or” before adding the –ous suffix.  Can you work out the root word for each of your spelling words and decide which category it goes into?  You could set it out in a table like this:


“y” to “ious”                                                            “our” to “orous”

Root word              adjective            meaning          Root word          adjective    meaning

vary                      various          ………………..         humour            humorous   …………


I have also included a link for some spelling games involving various words which have the -ous ending if you'd like to practise some others too!


SNIP group, your spellings have the suffix –ture making a “cher” sound.  Please use the PPT to check you understand the meaning of each word then have a go at the handwriting sheet. I have also included a link for some online games to practise this spelling pattern.

Monday Theme

Can I understand the effects of deforestation?


I’d like you to watch the video on the World Rainforests page and read the information on the deforestation page of the oddizzi website (username = homeschool, password = oddizzi)


Alternatively, this video and the PPT also give some information about deforestation.


Please then use the information to complete the sheet about the effect of deforestation on people, animals and plants.  Alternatively, you could create a poster, PPT or video about deforestation and why we need to save the rainforest.

Tuesday English

Can I identify reasons for and against deforestation?


On the pdf sheet are some reasons for and against deforestation in the rainforest. 


Can you read them and organise them into which reasons are for (saying deforestation is a good thing) and against (saying deforestation is a bad thing) then arrange them into an order according to which you think is the strongest reason in each section? 


Can you identify groups of people who might support deforestation and who might disagree with it?  This information will help you with tomorrow’s English task.

Wednesday English

Today is our Teams meeting so please make sure you have done some reading and practise your spellings.

Thursday/Friday English

Can I write a persuasive letter?


I know that you have done some persuasive writing with Mr Dourass earlier in the school year.  Today, I would like you to write a persuasive letter to the President of Brazil (Jair Bolsonaro) about deforestation in the Amazon.  You can take two days over this and use some of the reasons you have learnt about this week in English and Theme activities (but try to put some of them in your own words if you can!).


Organise your writing as shown on the writing frame on the Word document.


Don’t forget to read through what you have written and try to include some of the persuasive sentence starters from the word mat I have provided.  Check your writing through carefully for use of paragraphs, correct sentence punctuation, varied sentence starters and that you have not just put a list of reasons!