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Wednesday 20th May 2020


LO: Can I use pronouns to avoid repetition?


When we are writing, we want to avoid repetition of words in order to keep our story interesting.  To avoid writing our character’s names over and over, we can use pronouns instead of the noun, eg. “Sarah’s ball” becomes “her ball”.  This is something you probably already do but it’s important to understand the grammar behind it. 

Watch the video then, when writing your story for English, try to ensure you avoid repetition and you use the correct pronouns according to the person etc.


LO: Can I write a story in a different setting?


Please use your plan from Monday, along with ideas from the last 3 week’s English work (character description, setting description, conversation between characters) to write the next part/end of your story today.  Focus on the problem (if you didn’t write that bit yesterday), resolution and maybe the ending.  Take your time to make it interesting and carefully written!  There will be more time tomorrow for you to finish your story if needed.


Have you included……

  • Expanded noun phrases
  • Simile
  • Powerful verbs
  • Fronted adverbials for time, place or manner
  • Correct punctuation
  • Starting a new line when a character speaks
  • Speech, with inverted commas and speech verbs


Can I interpret line graphs?


Line graphs are used to show data which is continuous.  This means it can’t be organised into separate sections.  Transport, crisp flavours etc. are all individual items but measures like time and distance go on with no breaks so we have to use a different sort of graph.


Please watch the video to be introduced to line graphs and how we interpret them (“interpret” means using them to find out information).


Then have a go at the activities in the Word document.


LO: Can I combine sounds?


This game is also available as an app.  Click on each horse to start it singing and click again to stop it.  You can create different combinations of their four-part harmony.  Explore different ways of doing this, combining sounds to create your own piece!  You can click on and off quickly to use shorter sounds or leave them singing to give longer sounds.  See what you can produce!