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Tuesday 28th April 2020


LO: Can I use speech punctuation correctly?

Mr Dourass has told me that, although you have done some work on punctuating speech, it is something that we could work on some more.  Practice makes perfect after all!


Have a look at the Powerpoint to help remind you about how to use punctuation around the words that are spoken then write the sentences below into your book, using the correct punctuation (inverted commas, capital letters, full stop/exclamation mark/question mark).  If you want an extra challenge, you could find some more interesting speech verbs to use instead of the verbs given.


1) hello said my mum when I came home from school.

2) what time is it asked Ajmal.

3) stop talking, shouted the teacher.

4) The man in the shop said, do you need any help

5) can you go to the shop asked Dad. yes I replied.

6) The old lady said, can you help me cross the road


Now try to write a sentence of your own using inverted commas.



LO: Can I generate ideas based on a text?


Watch the story of the Great Kapok Tree again and think about how some of the animals’ reasons are linked to the way they use the rainforest.


Read the Talking Animals sheets.  In your book, explain which animal is the most persuasive in your opinion? Why?


Choose at least one of the animals (as many as you have time for) from the Rainforest Animals sheets.  In your book, write what they might say to the man.  Think about how they might use and need the rainforest and use this to inform your ideas.  Don’t forget to write their speech using inverted commas and correct punctuation (as practised in today’s GPS activity!).


LO: Can I round decimals?


Watch the video below to learn about rounding decimals.  If you want to, you could print the blank number lines sheets and complete them along with me on the video.


Now, have a go at completing the activities.  I have also included an extra challenge in a separate document.  With any of the questions, if it helps, draw out number lines, marked with tenths (or hundredths). Mark on the number and you will be able to see by its position whether it rounds up to the next whole number or stays on the same whole number (as shown in the video!).

Rounding decimals

Still image for this video


LO: Can I retrieve information?


I would like you to choose one of the animals that lives in the rainforest (choose the one that interests you the most!). 

Use the internet to find at least ten facts about it. 

Now you can create a poster which includes a picture and the information you have found out. 

The video (especially the second half) will give you some idea of the animals that live here.  The websites also have more information.