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Tuesday 5th May 2020


LO: Can I solve money problems using estimating?


Watch the video then have a go at the tasks set on it.  It would be useful to have a range of books (or other items with prices on which are not whole pounds) and a takeaway menu - these are available online if you don't have a paper one at home. Remember to try to use your mental maths skills for this, making jottings or using coins to help but not using formal column addition or subtraction.


Now have a go at completing the activities.  If you find the fluency easy, please just complete the third question to ensure you can answer these sorts of questions accurately then move on to the reasoning and problem solving.  Remember, you do not have to complete all of them but I have included plenty to keep you going if needed!


I have also included the pens and pencils puzzle to have a go at if you have time left!


Using estimation to solve problems.mp4

Still image for this video


LO: Can I compare characters?


Today we are going to look at how authors also show us about characters through their spoken interactions with other characters.  The story extract is from a Caribbean folk tale, called Anansi and Mr Snake.  Read the extract (which includes a conversation between Anansi and Tiger) in the Word document then complete the character comparison table, using evidence from the text.


LO: Can I use my spellings in sentences?


A different prefix this week, auto- meaning “self” or “own”.  For each word, please explain the meaning – how does it do something by itself?  Again, putting them in sentences may help you to explain them.


SNIP spellers, your words again have the /u/ sound but this time using the spelling pattern of “ou”.  Try to use each word in a sentence.  Can you find any other words which have the /u/ sound spelt in this way?



LO: Can I understand how the Holy Spirit helps Christians?


Christians believe that the Holy Spirit was sent at Pentecost to help the Church to make Jesus’ Kingdom visible on Earth by followers living lives that reflect the love of God. 


Why do Christians think the Holy Spirit is important now?

Christians might say the spirit of God is like a battery:  Christians can’t do God’s work and live in God’s way without the Holy Spirit’s power.


Watch the film below to see what Christian’s think; read the tweets from a vicar to a young Christian about the Holy Spirit, then list the ways in which the Holy Spirit helps Christians.