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Go through your sounds mats saying the sounds and tricky words.

Today's blend is 'pt'.

Have a go at the following activity. These words can be written down if you don't have a printer.

Choose a word from the pt activity and write a sentence including that word and a tricky word.

Make sure you have your Phase 2 and 3 sound mat in front of you to help you write your sentence(s).


This week we are looking at the story Oliver's Vegetables.

Please listen to the story below.

Oliver's Vegetables

We will be doing more work to do with this book later on in the week.


Today I would like you to get outside and make a nature bracelet.

To make one you loosely wrap tape around your wrist with the sticky side out and stick items you find outside on it.

See below.


Please read the following scenario to your child.

Miss Davis has spent her busy time this morning drawing and colouring the most beautiful picture. She got hungry and went to the snack table to have her snack but left her picture on the art table. Miss Smith found the picture and instead of trying to find out who it belonged to, she scribbled all over it! Miss Davis finished her snack and went to the art table to find Miss Smith with her picture and scribble all over it. Miss Davis felt angry and upset. She didn't want to be Miss Smith's friend anymore.


Watch the following clip of Peppa Pig.

Can you point out all the times where Peppa Pig was not kind to George?

Peppa Pig - Best Friend

Have you ever argued or fallen out with a friend?

What happened?

How did you feel?

How did you become friends again?


Can anybody suggest what Miss Smith can do to make things better with Miss Davis?