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Tuesday 2nd February 2021


What's happening today?


  • Before our meeting enjoy your reading book.
  • 9.20 - 9.40 Meet me online at 9.20 to discuss our Maths task. Today we are looking at block graphs.
  • Maths Activity, following on from our live session - see below
  • Brain Break - Time to wiggle, today it's amazing rainbows to match our quote of the day! (see above)
  • English - Today we are starting a new book to support our learning- see below
  • Mental Health Week - See below
  • Theme - Geography-.As a geographer can I ask questions? See Below
  • 2.00 - 2.15 Meet me online to discuss our maths work and take part in our whole class reasoning.


Following on from our live lesson - Block Graphs


Use the tally chart below to create your own block graph.



Then tell me what your data shows. We will discuss this at 2.00pm on our online meeting.

Brain Break

Koo Koo Kanga Roo - Awesome Rainbows (Dance-A-Long)

Time to get up and get moving.


Well we have been very busy in our English lessons this half term, we have looked at the story of The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch, making story boards and improving sentences with description.  Then moving on from that story we made our own disgusting sandwiches that would have scared away even the most determined seagulls using the book - The disgusting Sandwich'. We then learnt how to use time connectives, imperative verbs and extra detail to write a set of instructions for our disgusting sandwiches and smoothies.


For the next two weeks were are going to focus on another story set on a small Scottish Island, which will also help us with our island geography topic too!


The story is called Katie Morag and the Two Grandmothers by Mairi Hedderwick.




Listen to the story below to meet Katie Morag and her two very different Grandmothers.


When you have finished look at the two pictures below of Katie's two grandmothers.


Can you think of some similarities and differences between the two? Can you make a table?


There are lots of clues in the story so listen to it more than once. It is not just what they look like where you can find the differences!

Katie Morag and the two grandmothers

Did you ever think that one person could have such different grandparents? Katie Morag has a visit from Grannie Mainland.

Mental Health Week

Today it's thinking Tuesday. Use the questions below to think about what makes you happy. You do not need to write anything down, unless you want to, but think about what makes you happy.


Theme - Geography


The story of Katie Morag is set on a Scottish island it is an imaginary island called the Isle Struay but this story island is based on the real Scottish island of Coll.


Today I would like you to watch the video of Katie Morag's island tour.


Look carefully at the human and physical features that you can see as she moves around the island. 

Then, after you have finished watching it, I would like you to think of five questions that you could ask Katie or any of the characters about what it is like to live on a small island.


Remember you are working today as a Geographer in a Geography lesson. We are not finding out about Katie's favourite dinner or Grannie or we are not asking how old Katie is. That would be an English lesson. 


Today you are a Geographer so think of some questions to find out about;


  • the weather
  • which country it is in
  • the people who live there
  • which jobs there are on the island
  • any famous landmarks
  • human and physical features
  • wildlife and animals common to the island
  • transport - how people move and get to the island
  • special traditions
  • thinking about the cities and towns on the island - Are there any?
  • buildings and houses



Don't forget, even though we are learning in Geography, we still need a capital letter and a question mark for our questions.


Katie Morag: The Island Tour of Struay on CBeebies and CBBC

Follow Katie Morag on her island tour of Struay and meet the friends and family who live on the island with her.