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Go through your sounds mats saying the sounds and tricky words.

Today's blend is 'tr'.

Read 'tr' words off a road map (one road up the middle with two left and two right roads).

Use the following words: train, tree, trash, trip


Choose a word from the tr activity and write a sentence including that word and a tricky word. 

Make sure you have your Phase 2 and 3 sound mat in front of you to help you write your sentence(s).


Look at the image below at the art we will be creating today.

Using a broccoli floret, paint a broccoli picture by dipping it in paint and printing it on the page.


Watch the following clip of a child having a tantrum.

Child Throws a Tantrum

How was this child feeling?

How do you know that?

Have you ever felt really angry?

What do people do when they get angry?

Think of ways people can calm down and practise them at home.

You might clench and open your fists, take deep breaths or walk away from the thing that is making you angry.

Complete a Calm Me time. I recorded a video of this last week. Link is below.