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Thursday 25th June 2020



Don't forget your pen and paper! laugh


Today I am going to set you a task that will run for today and tomorrow. It is running for two days as you may need to carry out your own research first. 


Possibilities include;

  • Create a large poster all about tennis or an element of tennis (vocabulary, rules, famous players, fun facts, tennis courts/matches etc)
  • Find out about and recreate/photograph tennis poses and label.
  • Create a character profile of a British player or create a list of the top ten male and female players from around the world. You could plot their nationalities on a world map.
  • Design a new trophy and winners plate.
  • A poster showing how to grip a tennis racket correctly.
  • Write a set of riddle clues for a tennis player, piece of equipment or the sport tennis.  


You are all so creative, treat this like a piece of home learning if you can think of something else tennis related then you can do it! 

Your choice of activity needs to include some written work and be presented well enough to be chosen for display. Mr Nichols is creating a display of pieces of work completed during Sports Week showcasing lots of the sports that different year groups have been focusing on.


As we have a teams meeting this morning, I have set some work to complete on Mymaths!


Day 4 of our sports' week challenges. Follow the link below.  We have only had 3 entries from Year 2, it would be great if we could all have a go and send our score to Mr Nichols. Remember it all counts towards your house team total!


Can you guess whose feet these are? This is someone from our class tackling one of this weeks challenges.