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Friday 1st May 2020


LO: Can I explore a spelling pattern?

Today, please have a go at the code word jumble puzzle to practise your spelling words.

Write them into your book, put the jumbled version first then the correct spelling.  This will help you to know which letters are in the word as well as then identifying the correct order for spelling them.  For the anti- spellings, it will also help you to see the two parts of the word (which is related to the word meaning).  Don’t forget, three of the anti- words have hyphons in!  They are not in the jumble so try to put those in by yourself.


LO: Can I plan a character description?

Using your chosen animal that you researched in the computing lesson, plan and make notes for a character description (don’t write the character description in full today!).  If you chose the sloth, don't worry that it was used in yesterday's example, I'm sure you can find some interesting language of your own to include.  Use the following prompts/headings and remember, where appropriate, to think of some interesting adjectives which may be useful in expanded noun phrases!


  • What does it look like?
  • What sounds does it make?
  • How does it move?
  • What is its most prominent feature?
  • Alliteration
  • A simile
  • Where is it found – high up in trees, on the ground, in water?
  • How does the animal behave towards man or other animals?


LO: Can I recall times tables facts quickly?


Today, please practise your times tables using the attached activity.  There are 4 different options so use the one that is most suited to the times tables you are currently focusing on.  There are two grids at each level so it might be good to time yourself doing one then identify any which you found more tricky, practise those and then see if you are any quicker completing the second one.  Grid 4 contains opportunities to apply your basic facts to, for example, x60 which I know some of you are familiar with.  It also has x0.5 and 25%.  If you are not sure about these, you can leave them out as they are Year 5 content!


LO: Can I understand what Pentecost may mean to Christians?


If you need to, remind yourself of the story of Pentecost, using the video clip from last Friday (link below!).


I'd like you to have a look at the pictures below, each of which are different artists' representations of Pentecost.  Respond using the following questions:


Which parts of the story have been emphasised (shown as important)?  Why do you think this is?

Which parts have been missed out?  Why do you think this is?

Look at the emotions of the people in the artwork.  Why might they feel like that? 

Which parts of the story have had to be shown symbolically?

What does each artist's version show you about what Pentecost means to them or which part of the story they feel is most important?

Which do you prefer?  Why?  


If you are a keen artist and have some time, you might like to create your own Pentecost picture and share it with us.