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Thurs 11th

Class Meeting


Our Class Meeting is today between 1:30- 2:30pm. The invitation has been sent to your school email address. Please make sure you logon by going through the address in the instructions, so it goes through your school login.  (See link below for instructions)




Please make sure you bring your inside of a toilet roll and some felt pens or a pencil/ pen. You will also need a piece of paper with you for the task. Look forward to seeing you later!


P.S. Because we have the meeting, there is one less activity for you to complete today.


Keeping track of time. As you go through the day, I'd like you to write down, using the 24 hour clock, the times that you start and finish doing different activities. It could be jobs at home or certain pieces of work and, of course, our class meeting. 



When you've done this have a look and see what you've spent most of your time on. Are there any surprises?


English/ Theme

Today you are writing your recount/ diary entry as Howard Carter. Look back at your notes from yesterday and the slides if you need them!


Remember to use your fronted adverbials at the start of your  paragraphs that Group 1 looked at in your Grammar this week.


As I entered the tomb, I noticed...

When he finally arrived, I felt...


Remember back to when we wrote a diary as a Roman Solider. 


Have you:

- Used the first person? (I/ we)

- Written in past tense?

- Written in chronological order? (time order)

- Included details of what happened?

- Shared feelings?

Here is a template you might want to use to help you write.