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Friday 5th June

Guided Reading

We're going to look at the next chapter of King of the Cloud Forests by Michael Morpurgo today!

Every Friday will be our guided reading day and we'll read another chapter!


Before you do anything, have a listen to the next part of the story below:

We're going to have a go at answering some questions about a few pages from the chapter. I've put the pages below and there are easier and trickier questions to choose from.


LO: Can I answer questions about a text?

Chapter 5.mp3


It's Flashback Friday! Today I'd like you to design a poster that explains what you know about:


multiples (you could also talk about common multiples)

factors (factor rainbows and you could mention common factors)

prime and composite numbers

prime factors (factor trees)

square numbers


You can use pencil crayons, gel pens and felt tips - you need to explain what they are but also give mathematical examples to show your understanding!


We spent a while on this and you were all really good at it so don't panic - think carefully about what you remember, do a bit of research if you need to refresh your memory and then show me your learning in a creative way!


Please take photos and email me them or put them on the blog! I'm still on a mission to jazz up the maths curriculum page!


Now you should have a good idea of how volcanoes are made and what the different features of them are after Wednesday's lesson.

Today, we're going to think about the different types of volcano!

They can be described as:

active               dormant                extinct


and there are three main shapes:

Shield volcanoes                      Composite volcanoes (or Stratovolcanoes)              Cinder Cone volcanoes


Read through the PowerPoint and information below to find out more!


I'd then like you to draw me a diagram of each volcano (Shield, Composite and Cinder Cone), write a brief paragraph explaining what that type of volcano is like and give any examples you've learnt.


You can do it in your book or create posters and use colour! Have some fun and get creative with your learning!

I look forward to seeing your work!


LO: As a geographer, can I identify different types of volcanoes?