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World Book Day


For World Book Day, the whole school celebrated fairytales! Year 5 looked at the story "The Clocktower" about a girl who powers a clocktower in a village by dancing. When she leaves the clocktower, time freezes and the village becomes grey and colourless. We wrote poems from the girls perspective (inspired by Pie Corbett's "If I had wings") entitled "If I was free..." or "If I could pause time..."

The Clocktower

Greek salad


As part of our DT learning linked to our topic "Ancient Greece", Year 5 made Greek salads!

We researched food hygiene, the ingredients we would need and recipe and then worked in small groups to create an authentic Greek salad.

It was lots of fun trying things such as olives and red onions, which many of the children had never tried before. 



This half term, we begin work on our new RE topic - "Salvation" - before we put together our Easter service at church. To kick start the topic, Paul Cudby (the vicar at the church) came to talk to us and explain what salvation means. He did a brilliant demonstration that helped us to understand how Jesus helped to save humans and bring them closer to God. The children then had a question and answer session where they were able to ask any burning questions! Both Paul and myself were impressed with the quality of the children's questions and the thoughtfulness in which they discussed important issues such as suffering, creation and death. 

Trip to Birmingham Central Mosque


To end our RE module on Islam, Class 5 took a trip to Birmingham Central Mosque. We had the opportunity to learn about the design of the mosque, core Muslim beliefs and Islamic prayer and worship. The children's behaviour was exemplary and they impressed our guide with their respect, curiosity and excellent questions. Well done Year 5!


Greek vases


As historians, we have been learning about the different sources that historians use to learn about the lives of people from the past. We learnt about Greek pottery and what a valuable resource this has been to historians who study the Ancient Greek period. The children then had the opportunity to design a vase that would demonstrate their learning on the Greek myths or Battle of Marathon. The result was some fantastic pieces of art work!


Athenian democracy


As part of our Ancient Greece topic, we learnt about Athenian democracy. We held a class Boule where 3 "Athenians" wanted to pass new laws. Each person made their case and then we voted as a class to decide whether the law would be passed. The children had great fun acting this out and it really helped them to understand the way Athenian democracy worked!

RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch 2020


Every year, class 5 take part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch to help track and monitor the species of birds that live in and visit Tanworth-in-Arden. For this, Mr Evason took the children out in groups to go birdwatching! The children saw a huge variety of birds and it was a great opportunity for them to do some outdoor learning and appreciate all of the wildlife that we are lucky enough to have on our doorstep!

Road Safety


On 10th February, Year 5 took part in a road safety talk and workshop about managing distractions as pedestrians and keeping ourselves safe. It was a fantastic session and all of the children (and adults) had the opportunity to reflect on their own experiences and learn something new!

F&BF - School Linking Programme


This year, we are working with the Faith & Belief Forum (F&BF) and taking part in their school linking programme. The aim of the programme is to facilitate links between schools to develop integration and understanding between children from different backgrounds. Over the course of the year, we will have three link days with our link school - St. George's Primary School in Birmingham. On 20th January, the year 5 children at St George's came to spend the day with us! The children worked together to think about their identities and their similarities and differences. In the afternoon, Mr Nicholls taught a Zumba session and the children learnt a routine, which they performed as a group. It was a lovely day, full of fun and new friends and we're looking forward to visiting St. George's school in April!