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Friday 26/06/20

Class Text:


Please read to chapter 16.

English/ Tri-Golf:

As you know, some of us are back at school. However, we are not allowed to mix with other bubbles or year groups. The thing is, we need to advertise our Tri-Golf course. I need you, as my amazing marketing team, to think of things we can do without having to be there in person to promote it.

You can be as creative as you like- the more creative the better!

Don't be afraid to chat amongst each other- perhaps you could work together on it?


1. Think how we can advertise it: posters, video, radio, social media etc.


2. Create your own


Please send my way when you have completed your advertisement. 


Today's challenge is going back to our algebra days- looking at linear sequences. What x table is the sequence going up in? Write that times table next to the current sequence and what is the difference between the first two digits? (- or + something) 


Residential Challenges:


Please ask the permission of an adult before completing these challenges:


12. Make all your meals today


13. Change your bedding yourself. Sheet, duvet cover and pillow cases.


14. Camp in your garden (check with an adult first)