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Wednesday 8th July

Today's Task

Today I'd like to do some PSHE work on transition.

Firstly, I'd like you to think back on our time in Year 5 - what did you enjoy? what new skills have you learnt? have you grown closer to new friends this year? what funny memories or moments can you remember?

Then I'd like you to choose ONE of the sheets below and spend a little time reflecting on your time in my class smiley


Now that you've looked back, I want you to look forward to your time in Year 6 with Miss Wilding. I know that you're in for a lovely year! What are you excited for? What questions do you have? Do you have any worries?

Then I'd like you to choose ONE of the "looking forward" templates below and complete it. You can send me this to pass on to Miss Wilding or you can bring it with you next week to give to her.


Just for fun!

You've got a couple of crosswords for your fun activity today! One links to our science learning about space and one is summer holiday themed! Enjoy!

Guided Reading

We're on to the penultimate chapter (the one before the last!) of our class text today! Again, it's broken down into two recordings that follow on from one another. Do you have any predictions before the final chapter tomorrow?

Chapter 11A.mp3

Chapter 11B.mp3