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Mon 29th

English - Spellings

To start the week, as usual, I am going to give you your spellings and your spelling tasks. It is your choice which tasks you complete and whether you choose to complete more throughout the week, but the resources are here for you. Please choose tasks that you enjoy and help you remember your spellings!


This week we are going to be looking at 2D and 3D shapes and their properties. To start the week we will revise some of the key properties of 2D Shapes. 


Please follow this link to Bitesize for some reminders about the vocabulary we use to describe 2D shapes.



Now see if you can match the 2D Shapes to their properties.
We continue with our work on plants as we explore what plants need to grow and how water travels through a plant.
Now draw a diagram showing how water moves around a plant. 
If you are able to, you can also have a go at putting a stem into a glass of water and adding food colouring, if you have the resources at home!