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Wednesday 17th June 2020


Can I plot points to complete a polygon?


I know you have already completed the coordinates MyMaths activity before Easter so today we are going to practice applying that coordinates knowledge. 

Use the PPT to practise plotting points to draw polygons (many-sided shapes) and solve problems using these skills.

I have provided some extra questions on a Word document if you have more time.


Can I explore my spelling pattern?


Your spellings this week all follow the same letter pattern.  They have the suffix –ous but do not come from root words like last week’s did.  Can you find the meanings and create an –ous poster with pictures showing their meanings?


SNIP group, your words also follow the same letter pattern.  They all end in –sure, making a /zher/ sound.  This helps because you only have to learn the beginning part of the spelling, as long as you remember the “-sure” ending.  Can you find the meanings and create a –sure poster with pictures for each word?


Can I recognise the significance of Baptism to Christians?


Baptism is a ceremony for becoming a part of the Christian Church.  Some people are baptised as babies while others are baptised as an adult or young person, when they have made the decision for themselves.  These videos show infant baptism and believer’s baptism. 

Watch the videos and compare the two using the questions below:


Who makes the decision for the person to be baptised?

What promises are made?

What is used to baptise the person? 

How are they baptised?


Think about a group or community that you belong to (the school community counts or you may be a member of a group outside of school!).  What shows your membership of this group? What does it mean to be part of this group?  What responsibilities come from belonging to the group?  What are the benefits and support gained from belonging to this group?