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Day 1

What is Athletics?


I would like you to watch the videos below and make a list of five events that take place during an athletics competiton.  There a track and field events, do you know the difference?  Which event do you think would be your favourite?


Jessica Ennis-Hill, Greg Rutherford & Mo Farah on Super Saturday | London 2012

Super Saturday - one of the great nights in British sporting history. Watch as Jessica Ennis-Hill, Greg Rutherford and Mo Farah made it a night to remember, ...

Usain Bolt | ALL Olympic finals + Bonus round | Top Moments

One of the stars of 'Super Saturday' of the 2012 olympics was Greg Rutherford.  He is a long jumper.  How far do you think you can jump?  Rutherford takes a long run up before jumping but I'd like you to do a standing jump.  Remember, swing your arms, feet together and bend your knees.  Who can jump the furthest in your house? Can you put the results in order?
Athletics is one of the main sports that is played at the Olympics, a sporting event that happens every four years, we were supposed to have one this year but unfortunately it has had to be cancelled due to Coronavirus. There is also a competition called the Paralympics, this is an event that allows athletes with disabilities to compete.  I remember when the Paralympics came to London in 2012, I lived quite near at the time and I actually went for the day!  It was really inspiring and the athletes were amazing!  They clearly train very hard and prove that just because they have a disability it doesn't mean they can't join in!  I'd like you to think about things that maybe you found hard at the beginning of the year but you can do now.  Write them down, either in your book or print his document below out.  There is also a link below to a clip from the Paralympics.

Athletics | Men's 200m - T42 Final | Rio 2016 Paralympic Games

Gold: WHITEHEAD Richard Silver: MAHLANGU Ntando Bronze: HENSON David Start list: ABARANA GEDARA Upul Indika Chulada. Sri Lanka YODHA PEDIGE Anil Prasanna Jay...

David Weir Wins His Third Gold Medal of London 2012 Paralympics - 800m T54 Race

Fighting his way to a third gold medal of the London 2012 Paralympic Games, David Weir won it the hard way by passing Zhang Lixin on the final bend and then ...