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Please put any work you do in your purple exercise book or take pictures and put them on Tapestry. I can't wait to see what you get up to!


Tricky Word Musical Bumps – play music for your child to dance to.

When the music stops ask your child to listen to the word you say and show a tricky word on the screen. If the word matches, they sit down, if the word doesn’t match, they stay standing.


Look through the following pictures of insects and describe their features.

Please bear in mind there is a picture of a spider for anyone who has arachnophobia.

Complete the activity below, sorting the insects by their legs. Have a go at drawing them if you don't have a printer.

Watch the following clip about bees.

How do Bees make Honey? | Beekeeping with Maddie

Look at the following PowerPoint and complete the task below.


Click the link below for daily workouts.