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Tuesday 16th June


Thank you so much to the children who sent me their diary entries - they were phenomenal and made me so proud! 


We're moving on to thinking about setting descriptions over the next couple of weeks. 

This week, we're going to write a short setting description of Pompeii before Mount Vesuvius erupted and next week, we're going to write a short setting description of Pompeii during the eruption. We will then be able to use all of the language and ideas from this to write some poetry! 


Don't worry, we're going to take it slow...


Today, I'd like you to look at the illustrations from "Escape from Pompeii" We're focusing on when Pompeii was a peaceful and happy place before the eruption. I want you to use your senses and think about what you might see, hear, touch, smell, taste and how you might feel in each picture. 

You then need to jot your points down on the senses grid (or you can do them straight into your book)

You can use bullet points and don't need to write in full sentences



- gentle waves

- colourful market stalls

- squawking birds


LO: Can I create a word bank using my senses?


Yesterday, you looked at finding missing angles on a straight line by using the information that there are 180 degrees in a straight line.


Today, we're going to do something similar but we're thinking about the angles in a full turn or about a point.

The angles in a full turn or about a point add up to 360 degrees. We can also use this information to find missing angles.


Watch the video below and then choose one of the chillies to have a go at...


LO: Can I find missing angles around a point?

Missing angles around a point

Chilli 3 hint and help


Today, we're thinking about sports! 

I'd like you to look at the PowerPoint below to learn the names of different sports in Spanish.

I'd then like you to have a go at the task - translate the sports and then match the sport to the picture.


As an extension, you could write sentences about each sport to tell me if you love it, like it, don't like it or hate it!

Or... you could create a grid separated into Me encanta/Me gusta/No me gusta/Detesto and put each sport in the correct place!


LO: As a linguist, can I name a variety of sports?