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Friday 24th April 2020



LO: Can I write a descriptive poem?


Now it’s time to write your poem out.  Start each verse (group of items) using “I will put in my box” then list your set of three (approx.) expanded noun phrases that you created on Wednesday.  Repeat this for the next verse with the next group of items. 

You might want to include a verse about what your box is made from but you don’t have to.

If you would like to publish your poem with pictures around it of your items, that would be lovely (see handwriting task for GPS!).  If you send me your finished poem, it will help me get to know you a little - I'd love to see them!





Handwriting task: 

Once you have constructed your poem for the English task, publish it neatly, making sure it is set out carefully with neatly joined handwriting.  If you have not managed to create your own poem, write out the Kit Wright poem (see Monday’s English session).



LO: Can I recall times tables facts?


Use today’s Maths time to practise your times tables.  You can use these websites or practise them verbally (maybe challenge your siblings or your parents too!)  Scroll down to Moon Maths (green aliens) and click download, it will then open on your computer.


Focus on the particular times tables that you need to or have been working on before Easter to improve your own knowledge.



LO: Can I identify the disciples’ feelings during the story of Pentecost?


Watch the video which tells the story of Pentecost. 

Think about these stages of the story and decide how the disciples were feeling at each stage:

  1. When Jesus rose up (ascended) to Heaven.
  2. When wind filled the house and there were tongues of fire.
  3. When everyone started speaking different languages.
  4. When Peter gave his message about God.
  5. When they baptised and taught the new believers about God.

Some words to help you are: scared, confused, excited, relieved, amazed, fearful, mystified……

You could put this into an emotion graph like this: