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Tuesday 24th March

English: We've been looking at the book 'Meerkat Mail' by Emily Gravett in class.  Sunny the meerkat becomes annoyed with the rest of the Meerkat mob and decides to go and find the perfect place to live.  But, whilst travelling around Africa visiting his mongoose relatives he always remembers to send a postcard back to his family!  


Here is a link to the story being read on youtube:


Write a postcard as if you were Sunny.


Maths:  We've been doing lots of counting in twos in class.  You need to practice this today!  I want you to find out how many socks you have, pair up all of your socks and count them in twos.  Remember, you need to practice counting back as well.


Challenge: How many feet are in your house?  What if I came over for tea?  How many would there be then?


Geography: Create a map of your garden. Can you create a simple key?

Here's a map of mine: